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10 years on wheels! ❤️💪🏾

29 March 2008.

I met with a bike accident in 2008, Following a spinal cord injury, i became paralyzed from the waist down and was confined to the wheelchair. Up to this very day, I’ve not know who had hit me. Oh well, to that van driver: I’ve forgiven you 10 years ago. No worries! 😊

It’s been a life changing experience in which I adapt quickly. Life is unpredictable, I must say. Wow, 10 years! Well 10 beautiful years. I’ve always stick by this quote “God has a plan for everyone”, in which mine was a different path.

I became wiser, stronger psychically and mentally. I accepted my fate. Inspired by others. Positive without a doubt! I’m glad God has given me a second chance to live. I thank God every single day. Alhamdulilah.

I have never regretted on what had happened to me. I’ve always been a positive bubbly person.

For friends that stayed, I truly appreciate you! For those who left, thanks for being part of my journey. To my beautiful families, I love you!!! Thank you so much moms and dads for loving me just the way I am. Thank you once again to my beautiful siblings and nieces that kept me strong till this very day!

Well enough said, can’t wait to enjoy my mini vacation to Jakarta today. Off I go.


Productive Sunday! A visit to cildren’s orphanage.

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Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Harapan Bukit Baru AKA Hope Children Centre Map is located in Melaka, Bukit Baru. It was a 10 minutes drive from my place.  It is a publicly funded center so they are in need of financial support from all walk of life. Any sort of contribution will be utilized to the expansion and maintenance of the center.



dry food
Contributions that are needed


I recently join a volunteering group from Melaka. Service For Peace Project Melaka, are volunteers who spend most of their time assisting others in need. I am truly inspired by them. We should all volunteer when we have the time. Please visit their Facebook page and join the team.

So for my first-day volunteering. We had to meet at a field nearby the orphanage. We met one another, did simple exercises and self-introduction. It was truly amazing, as some volunteers were from different states and countries, such as Japan, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor etc.  We were then divided into 3 groups to collaborate which group does crafting, decoration etc.

I was excited to meet the children. I love children! I bought goodies bags for them. It was a pretty cool goodie bag I must say. I wished I had one as a child. hehe. They were so excited to receive them. I am glad I made their day a bit. The volunteers are awesome people, they contributed many dry rations. May God bless them all. We sang, dance, crafting, and decoration together, it was the greatest experience I had. Fell in love with the children enthusiasm joy and laughter.


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We were all supposed to have lunch together and reflect. But I had to leave. I then left and drop by to Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Centre Melaka, Bukit Baru, it was a 5 minutes drive from where I was. I and my sister went to contribute our monthly donation to them. We gave 4 packets 10kg/ rice. I didn’t manage to go in the center.  I was rushing for time, as it was my niece’s birthday,  That would be on my bucket list.  It is a publicly funded center thus they are in need of financial support from all walk of life. Any sort of contribution will be utilized to the expansion and maintenance of the center. Please contribute as follows the table above as well. 

Overall, I had a great productive Sunday! I will continue doing this more. May God bless us all. I urged you to drop by if you are traveling to Melaka for a short trip!


Have a wonderful day! 

Kimi Black 



My Pegasus II (Semi-Power Standing Wheelchair)

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Pegasus II (Semi-Power Standing Wheelchair)

“Pegasus II: The Lightest Semi-Power Standing wheelchair in the world, which allows you to easily practice stand-up or sit down by power control function and roll manually. Frequently stand-up can greatly improve user’s health. Suitable for wheelchair users with only one workable hand or finger.

Great to serve as a physiotherapy equipment for home, hospital or rehab center. The up/down position can be controlled by a small controller at the tip of the armrest.”

Hey everyone! I would like to talk about my Pegasus II standing wheelchair.

I got it from wheelchair88. The staffs are super friendly and super helpful. I personally went to visit their shop in Klang. They are patient and would update me on all the benefits and tricks of the wheelchair. Check out their website!

I have not stand up for years. The last I did was 2014. I finally got my chair in 2017. Hurray! I was so overwhelmed. Having to be able to rise up. The feeling was just great! Finally, I could interact with people and objects at eye level.

Once again, let me explain a little about myself. I met with an accident in 2008, I was 18 years old. Had a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Since I have not stand up for years and did not attend much physio as I was busy working. I know, I know, it’s not an excuse, rest assured I’m back doing my weekly physio. I have low BP, leg muscle spasms and increase muscle tone. Just to name a few.

With this standing wheelchair, it seriously helps me in so many ways!

Here are some benefits :

  • I find myself having more energy, enhanced functional ability, and greater independence.
  • Come on! Being able to stand! hehe
  • I’ve noticed reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections and pressure sores.
  • Spasticity, Standing position has helped loosen up my leg muscles and decrease spasticity.
  • I have  “an equal level” while speaking or interacting with other people. I can even make eye contact, pose for photos, and hug in a standing position and more. That’s the best part!  I know I could do that even when a sitting position. But yeah! 

These are some benefits I have so far. I will update a review of the wheelchair in part 2 soon. Be sure to follow and read up on my blog 🙂


Have a wonderful day!

Kimi Black







Welcome Readers! – The Journey Begins


Welcome readers! Thanks for joining me. I’m Kimi Black. I was born and raised in the lion city, Singapore. I moved to Malaysia after a major accident that changed my life. 

Basically, I met with a bike accident, fractured my spinal cord in 2008, became paralyzed from the waist down, wheelchair-bound ever since. I learn to live life to the fullest and not take it for granted.  I do not regret what had happened to me. What’s meant to be, will be.  I wrote a fiction romance novel called Wheels Of Success. 

I don’t do regrets. Regrets are pointless. It’s too late for regrets. You’ve already done it, haven’t you? You’ve lived your life. No point wishing you could change it.
― Lemmy Kilmister.  I  live by that quote.


I will be updating my blog about my blessed life on wheels. It rocks! Travels updates, Places to eat. Wheelchair accessible places to visit, mainly in Asia and my life stories. Please follow my blog for all the updates. Thank you!

Don’t let anything limit you from doing what you love.

Have a wonderful day!
Kimi Black